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Issue Management

The Issue Management component in Rommana not only supports all functionality that are supported by other bug tracking tools but also provides traceability of bug reports to test cases, use cases, and requirements. This traceability, which is enabled by the full integration of Rommana, makes issue management in Rommana superior to other bug tracking tools.

Some of the capabilities of Issue Management/Bug Tracking in Rommana include:
  • The ability to create standalone issue reports that may not be linked to any test cases, scenarios, use cases, or requirements.
  • The ability to optionally link an issue report to a requirement, a use case, a scenario, or attest case.
  • The ability to manage issue reports throughout their lifecycle as they are handled by the software development team and the test team.
  • The ability to maintain the dependency between issue reports and test cases. This allows tracking bugs to their source.
  • Providing up-to-date detailed status of issue reports and progress on handling them.
  • For Agile projects, the enhanced burndown chart for issue reports provides detailed information regarding creating and fixing (burning) issue reports over the course of a sprint or a release.
  • Allowing developers to provide impact analysis information for each fix for the test team to use for effective regression testing. This capability is not available in other bug tracking software.
  • Allowing for tracking estimated and actual hours for working with issues. This capability is not available in other bug tracking software.
  • Providing a seamless integration of other bug tracking software such as Jira and Bugzilla a bug tracking tools with Rommana to provide for tracking of Jira bug reports back to test cases, scenarios, use cases and requirements in the Rommana repository.
  • Maintaining the dependency between bug reports in bug tracking tools such as Jira or Bugzilla and test cases in Rommana.
  • The ability to move issue reports between releases and sprints (iterations) to allow the scheduling bug fixes in different releases/sprints.

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