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  • Comprehensive Coverage of Lifecycle Phases
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  • Rommana Highlights:
  • Fully integrated web-based ALM suite and methodology
  • Project team can access project data from any place using Internet Explorer
  • One common repository for all project artifacts and documentation
  • Full collaboration between all team members around the globe 24/7
  • Complete traceability of requirements to Use Cases, Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Sets, Test Scripts, Issue Reports and Change Requests
  • Extensive reporting capability - reports exported as Microsoft Word or PDF
  • Integration with test execution tools
  • Integration with code version control tools
  • Integration with Jira
  • Rommana delivers Total Control, Total Integration, Total Management, Simplicity, Availability, Traceability, Seamlessness and Full Collaboration
  • Rommana is an Egyptian word for pomegranate, our symbol of quality, value and integration.
Rommana Tool and Methodology - The Premier in Integrated Application Lifecycle Management

Good software engineering discipline and best practices in project management suggest the following critical success factors for software projects::

  • Full Integration and traceability between all project artifacts and activities
  • Full collaboration between all team members throughout all project activities
  • Accessibility of all project artifacts and activities by all team members anywhere 24/7
  • Strong methodologies with checks and balances that guide team members to follow best practices throughout all lifecycle phases
  • A project management framework that is driven by features being delivered
  • Total agility and flexibility to respond to continuously changing business needs and systems behavior
Rommana implements these critical success factors through the following processes:

Rommana Received The Gold RM Tool Award for
Best ALM Tools/Best Requirement Management Tools

  • Best ALM Tool
  • Best Cloud Solution
  • Best Requirement Management Tool

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